What is the importance of a professional CV writer: Should it be online?

Depending on the company, CVs are sometimes preselected by people who do not know all the technical jargon. If you have experience in a specialized field then nothing prevents you to provide a second CV more technical to add to your application.Be careful not to list experiences that have nothing in common. Do not hesitate to exclude from the CV information that does not fit at all into the global identity you want to convey.The section Internships is essential. Detail the internship (s) completed during your studies, indicating the name of the employer, the title of the position held and the date of your stay in the company and the description of your work.

Adapt your CV to the offer

One of the main mistakes made by students is to send the same resume to all the offers they apply for. This is a common mistake and quite serious. Indeed, a recruiter distinguishes very quickly when a CV is generic and it can respond to several offers in the same sector.On the contrary, you have to adapt each of your CVs to related offers because the modern online resume is a personalized CV. To do this, modify the descriptions of your professional experiences, the skills you have developed and adapt them to the offer in question even if you need to use some of the vocabulary used in the offer. By personalizing your resume to the maximum you will stand out from others in competition.

Write a resume and put it in shape

Once the content of your CV has been written, all you have to do is create a shape. Some rules to take into account, a professional resume must fit on one page.You do not have to put a picture on your CV, unless the offer requires it. In this case, choose a professional photo made to measure.The content of the curriculum vitae must be a little airy to make it as legible as possible.A good professional resume is a simple resume. Avoid excess color, overworked designs, and original shapes. Unless you apply for a position in art or graphics, this kind of variations will rather play against you. Choose a simple and clear design to create a modern CV without overdoing it.

Conclusion: Beware of approximations and little lies

When writing a resume you may be quickly tempted not to mention certain details or to embellish your situation. For example, you may forget to mention that your business experience was actually an internship or you self-proclaimed marketing manager whiles you were a marketing assistant. In conclusion, do not lie and be specific. You have many qualities, experience and skills to value so do not invent. Be yourself because that’s what recruiters are looking for.

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