What Is Character Education?

Character Education is a national movement to make schools that foster ethical, responsible,and caring young men and women by modeling and teaching excellent character by way of an emphasis on universal values that we all share. It appears foolish to pretend that these are just various versions of the exact same issue, and therefore it may perhaps be unreasonable to count on a person with a constructivist or progressive vision to endorse what is now referred to as character education. A proponent of character education says we ought to make students realize that it is wrong to lie we need to teach them about the value of getting sincere.

Amitai Etzioni, for example, does not merely involve this attribute on a list of excellent character traits he defines character principally in terms of the capacity to handle impulses and defer gratification.”14 This is noteworthy simply because the virtue of self-restraint — or at least the selection to give specific emphasis to it — has historically been preached by these, from St. Augustine to the present, who see persons as basically sinful.

The premises here are, very first, that children’s character can be improved by forcing them to dress alike, and second, that if adults object to students’ clothing, the finest option is not to invite them to reflect together about how this trouble may be solved, but instead to compel them all to put on the identical issue. Philosophers of the past have made main influence in clarifying the association in the nature of information and curriculum development course of action and also give a foundation for curriculum Plato presented a curriculum in his book republic” at that times and it is nevertheless the core of the curriculum of currently.

Appear at the way character education applications have been made and you will uncover, alongside such unobjectionable things as fairness” or honesty,” an emphasis on values that are, once more, distinctly conservative – and, to that extent, potentially controversial. Such either/or thinking, extended due to the fact discarded by significant moral philosophers,52 continues to fuel character education and to perpetuate the confusion of education with indoctrination.

Then there is the approach of offering students rewards when they are caught” being excellent, an method favored by right-wing religious groups1 and orthodox behaviorists but also by leaders of — and curriculum suppliers for — the character education movement.2 For the reason that of its recognition and for the reason that a sizable physique of psychological proof germane to the topic is accessible, it is worth lingering on this particular practice for a moment.

Even putting aside the theological underpinnings of the character education movement, the five queries presented in this short article can assistance us describe the all-natural constituency of that movement. Wanting young people to turn out that way does not require us to adopt classic character education applications any more than wanting them to be physically match calls for us to turn schools into Marine boot camps. Without having character education, our schools will just offer applications such as Values Clarification, in which adults are allegedly prohibited from taking a stand.

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