A Jagged Mountain

A Jagged Mountain

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French Journal Day 95 (Travel Diary Day 175)

Frustrated – that is how I feel about tonight. I was scheduled to teach my first online HDR workshop. Technical problems that were inevitable popped up on the side of a few participants, and then as I began to load up Photomatix I was kicked out of the Hangout. Something was struggling under the pressure.

I’d tested it the day before with some willing participants and all seemed fine. In the end, I called it a day.

My experience in teaching and educational psychology taught me that the first step in successful learning was creating the right mind-set. This wasn’t what I was looking for.

Not wanting to disappoint, I offered the participants the choice of a refund or a one-on-one workshop covering the same material. They’ve all graciously accepted the one-on-one. It will be time-consuming but certainly more beneficial for participants in the long run.

I’m also going to send them all a free copy of my book when it’s done. I hate disappointing people. Even if I’m 5 minutes late for something I break out into a sweat. As you can imagine, this was not a good start to a Saturday night.

Nevertheless, it’s all part of the learning curve and I’m sure I’ll take more pleasure from teaching one-on-one than in small groups.

Today’s Photo – A jagged edge

Some jagged edges of the Pyrenees mountains . I went for a dramatic mood to reflect the stormy evening I’ve had.


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Kansas State Capitol ~ Topeka Kansas ~ Rotunda ~ Murals

Kansas State Capitol ~ Topeka Kansas ~  Rotunda ~ Murals

Many murals, statues and photographs line the halls of the Statehouse illustrating important points in Kansas history. In the first floor rotunda, find David H. Overmyer’s eight scenes from Kansas history including The Coming of the Spaniards, pictured above. Eight scenes in the second floor rotunda by Lumen Martin Winter depict history, agriculture, industry and education. Pete Felten created four sculptures of famous Kansans that are displayed in the second floor rotunda of Arthur Capper, Amelia Earhart, Dwight Eisenhower and William Allen White. A stroll around the capitol grounds reveal several sculptures including two by Robert Merrell Gage: Abraham Lincoln: Man of Sorrows and The Pioneer Mother and Child.

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Developmentally Appropriate Physical Education

Developmentally Appropriate Physical Education

The East Brunswick Education Foundation is pleased to announce that the following grant has been approved for funding for the months of March through December 2014.
Central School – Developmentally Appropriate Physical Education
Hunter Timko
This grant will provide all students will a modified v…


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