Is it worth studying in English and how much does it cost in Poland

Sometimes graduation alone is not enough. If we want to apply for a prestigious position in the future, work in an international corporation, we should know the foreign language perfectly. Then we will become more competitive on the labour market. More and more universities in Poland offer studies in English. It is worth considering this possibility.

The advantages of studying in English

English-language studies in Poland are becoming more and more popular. They not only provide knowledge and valuable skills in a specific field, but also excellent knowledge of English. Students learn industry language. They acquire, above all, specific phrases in a specific industry.

Graduates have a chance to gain a prestigious position not only in Poland, but also abroad. Without fluent English, we have almost no chance to work in a large, international corporation. Our chances for office work in a larger Polish city also decrease. Employers value the qualifications of graduates of such studies.

English language courses are a great opportunity for everyday English language training. However, this is not their only advantage. Students learn to cooperate in an international environment. Such a skill will pay off in the future. It is also worth mentioning the costs. English-language studies in Poland are cheaper than studying abroad. Tuition and living costs are lower. Such studies also provide excellent preparation for internships abroad. We gain self-confidence during interviews. That is why we have good chances for a good position.

Requirements for candidates

Typically, candidates for English-language studies must be familiar with English very well. That is why it is worth applying language learning as early as possible. The study program includes additional hours of language courses. Thanks to this, students can improve their English language skills. Other requirements depend on the given field and university.

Study costs in English in Poland

Study prices depend on a specific field and university. The University of Economics and Computer Science in Cracow offers two courses of English-language study: Informatics and Econometrics and Management. Tuition fees must be paid into an individual student’s account. Prices in the field of Information Technology and Econometrics (bachelor studies of 3.5 years) are as follows:

●        PLN 430 non-refundable fee,

●        PLN 5380 per semester (from 1 to 6),

●        PLN 9,900 for the entire year in advance,

●        PLN 4950 for the 7th semester.

Prices in the field of Management (undergraduate studies 3 years) are as follows:

●        PLN 430 non-refundable fee,

●        PLN 4,750 per semester,

●        PLN 8,600 for the entire year in advance.

English studies are an excellent opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that guarantee a career not only in Poland, but all over the world. We must be fluent in English if we want to work in an international environment.

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