How Do We Prevent ‘Character Education’ From Becoming A Faddy Bandwagon That Rolls On By?

Extensive character education addresses several hard issues in education even though developing a positive school climate. Ironically, some people today who accept character education with no a second believed are quite articulate about the bankruptcy of this model when it comes to teaching academic subjects. Nonetheless, such applications are taken very seriously by some of the identical people who are swift to dismiss other educational applications, such as these intended to market self-esteem, as silly and ineffective. When President Clinton described the importance of character education in his 1996 State of the Union address, the only certain practice he suggested was requiring students to put on uniforms.

Following a lengthy short article about character education in the New York Occasions Magazine, a reader mused, Do you suppose that if Germany had had character education at the time, it would have encouraged young children to fight Nazism or to assistance it?”25 The a lot more time I devote in schools that are enthusiastically implementing character education applications, the more I am haunted by that question.

A second method, also consistent with the dominant philosophy of character education, is an exercise that could possibly be named If It really is Tuesday, This Will have to Be Honesty.” Here, a single value just after another is targeted, with each assigned its own day, week, or month. But it is totally relevant that, in the shadows of their writings, there lurks the assumption that only religion can serve as the foundation for fantastic character. In the case of the proponents of character education, I believe the answer to this riddle is really unique.

The character educator’s job, remember, is to elicit the suitable answer from students and tell those who see factors differently why their conclusion is wrong.Any deviation from this method is regarded as indistinguishable from complete-blown relativism we must plant” conventional values in every child or else morality is nothing much more than a matter of individual taste.

A crucial tenet of the Character Counts!” Coalition, which bills itself as a nonpartisan umbrella group devoid of any political agenda, is the hugely debatable proposition that negative social influences can be and usually are overcome by the exercise of cost-free will and character.”7 What is presented as popular sense is, in fact, conservative ideology.

For instance, the broad-based Character Counts!” Coalition gives a framework of six core character traits and then asserts that young people really should be specifically and repeatedly told what is expected of them.” The top providers of curriculum supplies stroll teachers by way of extremely structured lessons in which character-connected concepts are described and then students are drilled till they can make the suitable answers.

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