How A Church Directory Can Facilitate Community

The advent of the internet has brought a lot of useful resources across every discipline. This even includes theology. Online directories can be especially useful in facilitating community.

Help New Members Get Involved

If somebody wants to attend a new church, it can be difficult to get involved. She might sit in the back and leave without anybody interacting with her. But online directories can actually help with this. They will catalog the members so that the leadership can send out relevant information. The new members will receive the newsletters including information about small group sessions or volunteer opportunities.

Easier Than Paper Directories

There are times when the old ways work better. This is probably not one of them. It could be a hassle to update a paper directory. Many of the members will have older versions. Further, many people will just stuff the paper directory in a drawer somewhere and forget where it is. An online church directory will be easily accessible and updated.

Secure Network

The directory will not broadcast everything you are saying to the entire church. It functions sort of like an email account in that you can choose who you are contacting. Directories like this one use HTTPS protocol. When you are on a public WiFi network, hackers could attempt to steal the information you input on a website. They could access a directory and steal everybody’s contact information. An HTTPS protocol encrypts that information.


Churches often sponsor worthy causes or events. An online directory will create another outlet. First, you will be able to pitch your cause to the members. Beyond that, it has an advertising feature for a fundraising event.

Improve Attendance

Online directories actually have a calendar feature. Many come with push notifications that will alert members when there is an imminent event. Parishioners sometimes hear about a mid-week event on Sunday morning but then forget about it when the time comes. The calendar will serve as a reminder.

Establish Membership

Young people typically do not identify by their status. They identify by social causes and ethical positions. If an individual identifies by her church membership, that will generate commitment to the church. A directory can contribute to that because it is an official statement that this individual is a member.

Keeping Up With Trends

When people go to a church, they want to know that they will merge in comfortable. Among the younger generation, this means they will expect it to use technology. That does not mean the church has to change its fundamental message or core teachings. It only means that it should adapt to different methods of presentation. The Bible was the first book to be mass produced on the printing press.

An online directory is a very useful tool for facilitating community. People take pride in their membership and will enjoy seeing their names listed. The transition to a digital directory will make lives easier.

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