Is it worth studying in English and how much does it cost in Poland

Sometimes graduation alone is not enough. If we want to apply for a prestigious position in the future, work in an international corporation, we should know the foreign language perfectly. Then we will become more competitive on the labour market. More and more universities in Poland offer studies in English. It is worth considering this possibility.

The advantages of studying in English

English-language studies in Poland are becoming more and more popular. They not only provide knowledge and valuable skills in a specific field, but also excellent knowledge of English. Students learn industry language. They acquire, above all, specific phrases in a specific industry.

Graduates have a chance to gain a prestigious position not only in Poland, but also abroad. Without fluent English, we have almost no chance to work in a large, international corporation. Our chances for office work in a larger Polish city also decrease. Employers value the qualifications of graduates of such studies.

English language courses are a great opportunity for everyday English language training. However, this is not their only advantage. Students learn to cooperate in an international environment. Such a skill will pay off in the future. It is also worth mentioning the costs. English-language studies in Poland are cheaper than studying abroad. Tuition and living costs are lower. Such studies also provide excellent preparation for internships abroad. We gain self-confidence during interviews. That is why we have good chances for a good position.

Requirements for candidates

Typically, candidates for English-language studies must be familiar with English very well. That is why it is worth applying language learning as early as possible. The study program includes additional hours of language courses. Thanks to this, students can improve their English language skills. Other requirements depend on the given field and university.

Study costs in English in Poland

Study prices depend on a specific field and university. The University of Economics and Computer Science in Cracow offers two courses of English-language study: Informatics and Econometrics and Management. Tuition fees must be paid into an individual student’s account. Prices in the field of Information Technology and Econometrics (bachelor studies of 3.5 years) are as follows:

●        PLN 430 non-refundable fee,

●        PLN 5380 per semester (from 1 to 6),

●        PLN 9,900 for the entire year in advance,

●        PLN 4950 for the 7th semester.

Prices in the field of Management (undergraduate studies 3 years) are as follows:

●        PLN 430 non-refundable fee,

●        PLN 4,750 per semester,

●        PLN 8,600 for the entire year in advance.

English studies are an excellent opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that guarantee a career not only in Poland, but all over the world. We must be fluent in English if we want to work in an international environment.

How original is your writing?

Not everyone writes the same. Some people are creative, are cunning with words and do create the most unique structures, adapt sentences and commas to create compelling stories while others make science terms and hard subjects seem fun with their style. Each individual who picks up a pen or types on a keyboard, has the potential to be a great writer. But what is your level of originality and how original is your writing now?

How to check?

It’s not that hard, really. The best and easiest way to check is using an originality checker. An originality checker is special software or tool designed to compare your writing against other sources. Simply sign up, upload your paper and start the scan. If what you wrote matches anything on the internet or indexed through databases – the text originality checker is definitely going to show it. These checkers have enormous databases with more than 10’s of trillions pieces of content.

That’s not everything

Software only shows you the technical stuff. Writing accurately and not using the same templates is not enough to be able to claim yourself as an original writer. You are going to need approval and recognition of readers. Use anonymous forums, give it to the teacher at your writing class, share it with friends etc. They will give you tips or critique, just take it with a kind heart. Writers, arguably more than anyone, cannot cope with critique. Use it to your benefit and fuel the creative fire. Just to make sure we will tell that the most common critique is for:

  • being too pretentious
  • rambling too much
  • not getting the point across
  • not memorable
  • good just not great

Deal with the evaluation and prepare to write better tomorrow.

Best free software for writing

If you are a freelance writer – this article is just what the doctor ordered. Nevertheless, full-time employed writers as well as individuals writing books could find the apps we show here – useful. From those developed years ago, to others which are just built – this is the best software for writers.

Grammar and vocabulary improvement apps

There are ways to eradicate mistakes and expand your vocabulary artificially. Some applications and software that fix your grammatical errors and improve writing style are available for free or for a certain fee. Use them with caution because they are not perfect but can spot a missed comma and help out even seasoned veterans. Make them your most valuable sidekick, but do not let them steal the show.

Software to track plagiarism

A plagiarism tracker is going to help you put out only original content. If you track plagiarism in your documents, you eliminate the risks of copyright infringement, receiving bad grades (if you are a student) or bad SEO results. Interested and want to know more? Go to plagiarism checking website and try it for free instantly!

Word processor

Many of you might utter something like ‘Thank you Sherlock’. Well of course, every writer needs software where to write. There are many great choices in this category. Whether it is the default option that comes with the OS on your computer or something else – do not overlook a good word processor.

Cloud storage

Storing everything in your hard drive or SSD is not wise. You need to have a backup. For a small regular fee or absolutely free you can sign up to use cloud storage. Great, quick, secure and reassuring.

Conservation Education Promotes Environmentally Minded Students

It’s never too early to teach students about good environmental practices, but it’s especially crucial as young men and women head off to live on their own for the first time. Education on the importance of water preservation helps to instill smart habits in students’ daily lives.

How Water Use Can Be Minimized

One major culprit for excessive water use is the amount of pressure that’s being pushed through fixtures like showers, sinks and toilets. It can be an enlightening experience to run plumbing lines through a hydrostatic test pump to determine the amount of pressure currently in use. Even the smallest of tweaks can make a huge difference in the amount of water that’s wasted every day.

Educators should also stress the impact of turning off faucets unless they absolutely need to be running. While doing dishes or brushing your teeth, it’s common to let the water flow even when you’re not actively using it. Getting in the habit of turning sinks on and off as needed helps conserve the precious water supply.

Another great lesson is only running full loads of laundry or dishes. Several small cycles will use up considerably more water than fewer large ones.

Why Conservation Matters

Even though water seems to be everywhere, conservation is about more than just a dwindling supply. Throughout the cycle, water needs to be sanitized and filtered, which puts a strain on the energy resources of companies whose job it is to handle this task. Conserving water can impact other environmental sources and protects the ecosystem.

As students grow older and prepare to enter higher education, it’s important for teachers and parents to discuss these issues. The practice of saving water is smart budgeting advice as well; less water use may mean reduced utility bills. Knowing how to spend less is a great lesson for any student preparing to enter the real world.

Improving Your Life and Invoke Miracle in Your Life in Easy Steps

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There are many ways to invoke miracle in your life, you can pray, be lucky, do enourmous effort or any other things that will unfolding miracles in your lifes. If you want a miracle in your life, you will need to be prepared for discipline and mindfulness in every single action you take in your life. Therefore, today i will provide you a step by step guide to help you unfolding miracles on your life properly. For you who want to know more about seizing the moment and turn them into miracle, you can visit and read more about it. But, for now, you can simply follow these advice to seize miracle in your life.

The first step is make sure that you are grateful for every single thing on your life. While being grateful for everything surely will make you have positive attitude toward life, gratitude are capable to produce miracle.  When you are grateful for everything, your entire energy changes and you shift perspective from scarcity to abundance. This way, you will bring more divine blessing into your side. However, it will depend on how much can you be grateful for, the more gratitude you feel and express, you will find people, opportunities and blessings miraculously show up in your life. For more information, check ACIM Books and you will understand what kind of things you need to do to seize miracle in your life or you also can watch this video.

The next step is stop giving excuse to do nothing just simply you “dont know what to do”. When you say that you “dont know what to do”, you might use these excuse to simply sit around and do nothing. Stop this attitude and start to take a positive step in your life, any positive step although you dont know what will happens. If you brave enough to take a positive step, then a way forward will appear in front of you and leads into something that’s completely unrelated to the action you took. Positive action will result on positive rewards, therefore make sureto take more positive action and you will be rewarded.

These positive action could produce a miracle in your life, all of these start with a simple step of positivity.

The next step is make sure that you are step out of your routine to achieve miracle. You might think that if you do everything in similar fashion, you will be fine and get a happy life. However, you wont get wonderous and miraculous result if you keep playing it safe. Make sure to step out of your routine, broaden your horizons, bust through comfort zones. Dont worry if you fail or experience some bumps and bruises along the way, your bravery will be rewarded miraculously.

This might be sounds weird, but the best way to achieve miracles in your life is by help others receive the miracles they are praying for. You may have spare clothes you’re no longer wearing, some extra bed, or simply your strength that can be given into another person who needs it. Your kind word and encouragement can be inspiration and increase someone confidence to get miracles they need.

Essential Tips For Selecting The Perfect Banking Expert Witness

When it comes to case litigation, expert witnesses are often hired to help a case. They are also paid very well for their services because they can easily make or break a case’s outcome. To have the best chances of success, it is crucial to select the right witness for your case. Below are some important tips to put to use for finding the perfect banking expert witness, such as the one found at

Begin Search Early

The worse thing a lawyer could do when searching for an expert witness is waiting until the last minute to hire someone. There are a couple reasons to begin the search early. Attorneys need enough time to interview the witness to see if they will be helpful to the case or not. Beginning early also allows time to assist the council in formulating document requests and questions for the deposition.

Check Qualifications

A good expert witness should have certain qualities beyond the relevant credentials. They should be an expert in their field and be able to explain their findings to a jury in a way they can easily understand. This is why it is essential to find a witness that has court experience. Find an expert that fully understands the rules for providing expert testimony in a court setting.

Request Transcripts And Reports

If available, ask your potential expert witnesses if they have any reports or transcripts from similar cases they have been part of in the past. These reports can help reveal if the expert fully understands the matters being discussed in the case and is able to easily explain their opinions in a way that is persuasive and easy to understand.

The most important tip for finding the best expert witness to hire for your case is how well you can work together. Effective communication is key when working with any expert witnesses on a case. Be sure to meet with them in person and conduct an interview to get to know them better before you make your final decision to hire them.