5 Best Research Paper Sources to Help You Write Information Accurately

Presenting an end of term college research paper that is factual, accurate, credible, and well-written is an essential part of doing well in your studies. Scribbling down a number of disjointed facts is not a good idea. In fact, you have very little chance of passing your course if you do not hand in a well-written essay.

Writing services for your research paper

There are writing services that are available for research paper help. However, as part of the process of preparing you essay, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it a good idea for me to buy a custom essay that has been written by a professional writer?
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By way of answering these questions, let’s consider the following:

Professional college paper writers are well-versed in the art and science of constructing a substantial research paper. Furthermore, they know where to find the requisite “hard to find” research paper sources that provide reliable information.

The Importance of Credible Sources

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The use of sources for a research paper helps strengthen its voice and argument. However, to make it highly effective, researchers should understand their sources and assess their credibility.

When researching for these sites, it is essential to vouch for the credibility and position of every source/author. This ensures that the source provides credible and relevant information. Also, it helps determine whether or not it can improve the research paper’s quality.

Assessing the Source’s Usability

The guidelines for evaluating a source’s usability remain the same whether it’s in printed or digital form. One important factor to consider is the age of the source. By looking at the source’s age, it is possible to determine if the information it provides is relevant to the research paper. Depending on the topic, certain levels of age apply. For example, when writing about a 20th-century topic, looking for sources from the same era is simply not enough. It’s a good idea to combine older sources with newer ones to create a convincing argument instead.

Meanwhile, older articles or sources with outdated information might have been proven wrong by more recent research. This is often the case with digital sources. The main point is to prevent presenting inaccurate information that can only damage a research paper’s integrity.

Where to Look for the Best Research Sources

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There are a number of good sources for research papers out there. However, most of them provide poor quality, if not relevant, information. To improve a paper’s overall integrity, here are five of the best resources for credible and accurate information:

  1. The Local Library

The library remains one of the best sources for credible information. For students, the school library is the most convenient choice although a nearby city library is also recommended for a much wider information network.

Since the school library is an academic institution, it is easy to find journals, academic books, and other scholarly sources. However, depending on the topic, looking for relevant and accurate information may take time. Also, the available information might be outdated. In that case, asking the librarian for help is recommended.

  1. Academic Journals

Academic journals are one of the best sources for research paper help. The information they present is usually up-to-date and relevant, thereby adding overall credibility and professionalism to a paper. Journals can be found in schools and universities, but it is also possible to find them online via Google Scholar.

Google Scholar is a search engine that explores a huge database of scholarly articles – patents, theses, academic journals, etc.

Another similar site is Microsoft Academic Search which works similarly to Google Scholar. It works well for papers that include studies in the field of mathematics, physics, and biology.

  1. Books

Books are still one of the best sources of information that never grow old. Fields like humanities require students to refer to books for information instead of websites. This is due to the fact that books have more detailed information compared to websites.

  1. ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)

ERIC is an online source that contains a database that focuses mainly on education. However, it also includes several related topics like social issues and psychology. Journals available from ERIC are mostly full-text and readily available for download in PDF format.

  1. RefSeek

RefSeek is yet another search engine specifically designed for researchers and students alike. It is capable of looking for online sources; however, it can provide more scholarly journals than a standard search tool. One of its main features is the ability to search specific documents, thus increasing the chances of finding credible and accurate information.


Writing a research paper can be a complicated and time-consuming process. However, it is possible to make the process a lot easier with the help of reliable information from reliable sources. Your paper will never be worthwhile if not backed by verified information.

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