Finding the Best Preschool in San Jose for Our Children

We moved to San Jose, California a few years ago. My wife announced that she was pregnant with our first child not too long after we had our new house in order just the way we wanted it. It is a good thing we bought a three bedroom home as our first child actually turned out to be twin girls. With no family on this side of the country to help us, the first year was tough with work and the babies. Now we are privileged to send them to a preschool in San Jose that is very nurturing and also provides academic and physical learning and training opportunities.

We wanted so much more than just a babysitter. We wanted an environment where our little girls could have fun, learn and be very active too. Our few experiences with babysitters when the girls started walking was that the sitters did all they could to get the kids to sit still, sleep or otherwise be inactive. We want them to move, explore, learn and get stronger and healthier. Kids should not be hyper, but they definitely should be active. The hyper part is very subjective. We want them moving and getting stronger and never becoming sedentary. I mean, with kids as young as toddlers getting Type 2 diabetes because of being overweight and inactive, we are working to prevent that.

Our girls are smart and inquisitive. The preschool in San Jose that we send them to helps to direct their natural curiosity and desire to be on the move into positive things. The school we send them to encourages learning and moving to stay fit. There are academic as well as physical education programs for all the age groups they provide services for. Another positive is the teacher to student ratio allows for a lot more individual interaction from the teachers to the students to help in their development.

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